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August 10, 2023

The Star of Corn and Country with Hailey Whitters

Country singer Hailey Whitters is talking music, farming, and entrepreneurship on Like a Farmer.

She’s not your typical country singer. Hailey Whitters, ACM’s New Female Artist of the Year, joined Pat Spinosa from Like a Farmer to talk about her long road to success in Music City.

Some say Nashville is a “ten-year town,” but after 15 years, Hailey is finally seeing the payoff for her efforts as a country singer with her unique sound and take on “authentic country.” On this episode of Like a Farmer, Pat Spinosa and Hailey Whitters are talking about country and what it means to be your authentic self.

Pat digs into what it means to be an entrepreneur while starting her own label and considers Hailey a modern-day pioneer for young girls in the industry.

Want to hear what spurred the tagline “Our grass is legal?” Tune in.

Need to know whether Hailey would rather perform at the Grand Ole Opry or the Super Bowl? Check it out here.

Curious about who wins the popcorn-tossing contest? Trust us, you’ll want to watch until the end.